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R.I. DISTRICT 3030      CLUB NO.15529        CHARTER NO 5935       CHARTERED ON 23/3/1945
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R.I. DISTRICT 3030      CLUB NO.15529        CHARTER NO 5935       CHARTERED ON 23/3/1945


Rotary club of Nasik was sponsored by Rotary club of Bombay.

Late. Rao Bahadur A. G. Gokhale organised the first meeting of the club on 20-12-1944.
The first President of club was Sardar N.G. Vinchurkar, Charter Secretary was Rao Bahadur A.G.
Gokhale, Charter members were 21. Charter was granted on 23-3-1945. (Charter No. 5935). Then,
the Rotary District number was 90. In 1946-47 District No. became 93. 1957-58 315, 1970-71 was
314, 1990-91-303 and 1991-92 onwards-3030.

Club celebrated its silver jubilee in the year 1969-70. In the silver jubilee year President was
Isaq-Rangwala and Secretary was Dr. M.D.Rajpathak and membership was 44.
Club celebrated its golden jubilee in 1994-95, Club - President was Rtn. Dr. Rohit Shah and
Secretary was Rtn. Vivek Athawale and membership was 88.

Initial meetings of the club were held at Sarosh garage. Thereafter meetings were held at Red Cross
Hall. From 1966 to 1970 at Sarvajanik Vachanalaya. From 1971 to 1984 meetings were held at I.M.A.
Hall. From 1985 onwards meetings were held at basement hall of Rotary hall and from 1993-94
onwards at our regular Rotary Hall.

Club acquired its own land from Nashik Muncipal Corporation in year 1981-82 by active efforts of
Rtn.  Khushal Poddar and Datta Nathe, Dr. VP. Gupte and Administrator Talreja.
Rotary charitable trust of Rotary Club of Nasik was formed in year
1983-84. Charter trustees being Dr. Appa Pawar,  Bachubhai Joshi
and P.G. Mehata and R.K. Gupta. Aim of the trust was to properly
develop Rotary hall and Community. hall and to take care of assets of
Rotary Club of Nasik

In 1985-86 the basement hall was completed and meetings started at
Ganjmal.  Then, with the help of Helpage India, a day care centre was

Club has various partners in service such as Innerwheel Club,
Rotaract Club, Interact Club, RCC, Senior Citizens Club etc.All
these are actively organising their own projects. The inter
act movement received a great boost through the efforts of Rtn Lata Kulkarni.

Club completed several matching grant projects, Borewell with a
storage tank at village Talegaon (Dindori),  Provision of Nutritive
food at Ashramshala at village Ambe of Taluka Surgana.
Club has sponsored students for IYE. and members for GSE

PP Rtn Balasaheb Joshi, PP Rtn Abhimanyu Pawar and PP Rtn
Ravindra Shivde have been selected as GSE team leaders.

A club has 50 + Paul Harris fellows and 2 major donors.

Club has won recognition at district level and RI level on several
occasions. Club got 11 trophies for outstanding work done in all 4
avenues of Rotary service in year 1994-95 a golden jubilee year of
the club led by Dr. Rohit Shah.

PDG Dr Appasaheb Pawar was awarded Service Above Self Award
in year 1997-98. PDG Balasaheb Joshi and PP Dr, Ramesh
Karkare have also been awarded Service Above Self Award.

 The District,  under the leadership of our member PDG  Balasaheb, excelled on all fronts in the year 2006-07. The annual District Conference JOSH 007 which was held at Nasik on 6-7 January 2007 was a grand success.  During the same year the club completed the
construction of 175 toilets in villages in Nasik District under a
matching grant project
. The Presidential tenures of Rtn N. B. Patil and Rtn Arvind Chavan was marked by excellent fellowship.

The club
reached phenomenal heights in 2011-12 under
the dynamic leadership of President Dr. Vijay Malpathak
. A record number of Community Service projects including clean hands and cut nails, bench distribution and bunk bed distribution, cataract surgeries etc were completed successfully,and a mammoth turnover of funds was handled efficiently. Microcredit Projects in collaboration with Magasaysay Awardee Smt Neelima Mishra was another highlight of the year. RYLA, Nashikbhooshan were some brilliant feathers in the cap. A memorable year indeed!.

Notable projects carried out by Rotary Club of Nashik:

Almost 50,000 family planning operations were done by Rtn. PDG. Dr. Appa
Pawar & Dr. V.N.Pawar which is a record Laproscopes were donated by
Rtn.RK.Gupta to Rotary Club of Nasik.

1971-72        An Ambulance was donated to Indian Medical Association Nasik

1975-76        Massive eye Camp-358 patients were operated at Ayurved

1976-77        Rs. 10,000- donated to Mai Lele deaf & dumb school.

1980-81        Massive dignostic and surgery camp for physically
handicapped was organised.

1982-83        Water Tank with a tap at Khatvad village

1984-85        350 Adivasi group marriages provided a distinguished service
award to      R.C. of Nasik under the leadership of Dr V. N. Pawar.

1991- 92      10000 copies of Khumbmela Margadarshika booklets were
printed and distributed to Yatries of Simhastha.

1994-95       President was Dr Rohit Shah. Golden Jubilee Year. Rotary
Health Society founded to provide health awarness   programme by
organising lectures in regional languages. Rs 250001- were donated by PP
Shantilal Lodha for this cause from Deepchand Fakirchand Loddha Trust.
Physiotherapy centre started through donation of Rs. 1.25 lacs by  a
Panchavati  Panjarapole Trust to take care of physically handicapped. Drug
de-addiction center-  with  support of Muktangan Pune. Permanent
Immunisation centre with the support  of NMC.

1996- 97       President was Vijay Kothari. Nasik Bhooshan Awards  to
recognise people who have contributed to uplift the image of Nasik in the
Map of Maharashtra
1997-98         President was Ganesh Lad. A permanent vocational training
centre started at Harsul in  adiwasi Area.- from a donation from Mr. Patil of   
U.S.A. through Maharashtra Sanskrutik Mandal functioning at U.S.A.

1998-99        Jaiprakash Jategaonkar served as President. Awarded Kala
Puraskars and Nasik Bhooshan to Poet Kusumagraj.

99-2000       Under President Paramanand Gujarati's leadership. Bal
Sahitya Jatra
organised through efforts of Rtn Lata Kulkarni. Cataract Camps, Yoga Classes, RYLA

2000-01       President Vijay Ghatge carried out the project of Niramaya
Nasik, a project for comprehensive development of Nasik City

2001-02      Under President Dr. Ravindra Shivde's  leadership numerous
activities were carried out including Interact Conference
(for which Rtn Lata Kulkarni took great efforts) Puri Bhaji Centres, Rotary Institute for Communal Harmony and RYLA

2002-03       President Vikas Shah led the club. Projects undertaken-
Uniform distribution for Tribal students. Water management projects- rain
water harvesting projects.

2002-04       First lady President Nilam Kirloskar initiated Dishavedh-
counselling centre. Centennial district assembly- Shatavari

2004-05      President Jayesh Sanghavi took up  Arthritis knee braces
camps, Rural library.

2005-06      Notable projects during tenure of President G. M. Jadhav-
Rotary Gram Sanivani- Rural Development project,  RFE visit to Pakistan,
Membership reached all time high figure of 104.

2006-07     DG's Club President Rajan Chandwadkar initiated   Matching
Grant Project for toilets in villages like Manur and Nave Nirpur

2007-08      President Ranjana Patil undertook many novel projects.  
Community Service Projects in Tribal area near Nashik.including villages like
Devargaon, Sherpada. A boat was supplied to the villagers for crossing

2008-09      Adv N.B. Patil served as President.  Project undertaken to end
malnutrition in children in Nasik District

2009-10      Under leadership of President Mangesh Jadhav  Several
service projects have been undertaken like gifting of a Solar Lamps Unit to
Ashram Shala at Harsul and  gifting of benches to School at Manikhamb.

2010-11      President Arvind Chavan concentrated on projects in rural
areas.  Benches, Solar Equipments and water coolers to schools in Tribal
area.  15 members of the Club went on a most enjoyable trip to China.
For this work, initially, money was generated by Dr. V.N. Pawar and Dr. A.K. Pawar
(Rs. 40,000- -through Family Planning operations). Two Fund raising
Programmes, 'Nitin Mukesh Night.' during the Presidentship of Dr. Bapu Pawar in
1987-88 and in 1992-93 during the tenure of PP J. G. Shirke "Durga (Hemamalini)
Programme were held so as to raise Rs. 6 to 7 lacs. Current Rotary hall is
completed with a multipurpose beautiful community hall. A permanent Day Care
Center and Rotary office are part of the said Rotary Hall.

Club membership at present is 88. Our bulletin named 'Rotarina' obtained Ist
Trophy for best bulletin during a tenure Of PP Balasaheb Joshi as a President.
Since then the, tradition of brining out good bulletins is maintained.

Golden jubilee year of the club provided a District Governor in a form of Dr.
Appasaheb Pawar in 1994-95.

The year was marked by excellent fellowship and continuation of all important projects under the leadership of President Rtn Hiroo Chaudari. Bench Distribution to rural schools, provision of drinking water tanks and borewells and microcredit projects were some of the outstanding projects. teachers' felicitations, RYLA and Nashikbhooshan programmes were highly successful. The membership remained steady. in 2013-14 the club will certainly reach new heights under the dynamic leadership of young and enthusiastic CA Udayraj Patwardhan.